One ‘Big Deal’ Halloween by Chic Mom

Halloween is definitely up there with birthdays and Christmas in my house. With two little ones, ages 5  and  7, it’s still quite the “big deal.” When I say “big deal” I mean the process of choosing “what will I be for Halloween” pretty much starts even before the new school year starts.  As soon as my kids see those Halloween catalogs in the mailbox (which I try my hardest to hide) they begin the process. This means that by the second week of school, they have probably changed their minds half a dozen times. Costumes usually become the conversations in the car, sometimes making my drive a bit longer than it should be. I always try to intervene in that process. Being sort of a Type A mom, I try to steer them in the direction of doing a family theme (I know it’s corny).

When I say “big deal” I mean the process of choosing “what will I be for Halloween” pretty much starts even before the new school year starts.

Kids in Halloween CostumesThis year my son has pretty much finalized his choice of Wolverine, and all I’m thinking is “super-hero” theme it is!  Now one of my challenges is to get my 7-year-old Ava on board. Now this takes some psychology.  I need to make the theme appealing to a 7-year-old.  Now she isn’t your ordinary 7-year-old.  My Ava does in-depth research when she wants something. She will either Google images of what she’s looking for, go on Pinterest boards to find the perfect idea, or look up YouTube tutorials.  So I’ll need to use my extra savvy to convince her. Once that’s out of the way, my next challenge is: How the heck am I going to get myself into a super-hero costume!?  This sets me in panic mode, and I start to wonder which superhero has a cape built in both front and back?  Ok, I take a step back to realize that I still have some time to get into a semi-decent costume, but the pressure is surely on!

Once the daunting task of getting everyone to settle on our theme is done, the rest is a piece of cake. I enjoy adding to costumes my creative flair, whether it’s a signature bling or just a dash of sparkle, I make sure everyone knows that it was my idea. There were years where I have been extra creative and attempted to sew my own. But with limited time as a busy mom—I’ve gotten much smarter. It’s much easier to buy a medium grade costume and head over to your local craft-store (my favorite being Michaels) and embellish it. Adding on to it will give it distinction without taking too much of your time. The possibilities are endless, and the enjoyment you get from it is priceless.  This year I’m thinking Wonder Woman will have some extra shine and a lot of chic!

While the process can be a little hectic some years, I try to remember not to worry too much about the details but to try to stay in the moment with my kids and family. Enjoying the whole Halloween process is something that they will remember for years, and it can give you some priceless quality time and conversation with your little ones.

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