A “Brave” Turn of Events From Disney

I’ve succumbed to many a Disney princess romance tale, with my all-time favorite being Beauty and the Beast. So when I sat in the theater tonight with my daughter to see the new movie Brave, I assumed it was yet another of the same, only set in Scotland, so I knew I’d enjoy the brogue.  I was so very surprised to learn that this is no usual princess movie. Rather, it’s a tale of mother-daughter relationships, and a refreshing one at that.

Princess Merida is the embodiment of a teen’s frustration with anything her mother Queen Elinor wants of her. And the truth is that her mother doesn’t understand why her daughter can’t just do as she’s told. Their argument explodes into one where both clearly have regrets, yet it’s too late to take it back. It reminded me of many times I felt the same way with my own daughters. Any mother can relate to the  fierce love of a daughter that will compel her to risk her own life. And any daughter past the age of rebellion will understand the mutual respect and understanding that a mother-daughter relationship can eventually evolve into.

This Pixar movie may not be one that tops the charts or becomes a merchandising dream for Disney. Boys probably won’t enjoy it all that much, and fathers like my husband will cringe at the representation of all males as buffoons. But the animation is amazing to watch, and ultimately this new take on the princess movie is a brave one. I recommend it for all mothers and daughters no matter what their age.

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