Ichabod’s Ghost by Abby Sher


A Brooklyn mom, haunted by mistakes she’s made so far, finds peace and forges ahead with love. The first time I dropped my daughter Sonya on her head from a great height, she was approximately 8 months old. We were staying overnight at my uncle’s cabin in the backwoods of Connecticut. There was a plaque by the front door of the house that read: 1789, ICHABOD STODDARD. My cousins... Read More

The Wait and Again by Eleni Coffinas

hourglass with hearts

Three years after filling out paperwork to adopt a baby from China, this NYC mother met her daughter—a moment in which time stood still, and the waiting finally stopped.   The Moment finally arrived on Oct. 8, 2007. The long wait that had begun three years earlier, when I filled out an application, was about to end. The 8,000-mile, 20-hour plane trip brought me to a gray... Read More

A Space Epic That’s Really About Familiar Things by a Brooklyn Dad & Author


by Jason Fry I was 8 years old in 1977, so I love Star Wars—heck, I’ve written some two dozen books set in a galaxy far, far away, so I’d better. But what makes Star Wars so great isn’t the aliens or the starships—it’s Luke Skywalker staring into the twin suns of Tatooine, yearning to escape the farm. I’ve never seen a double sunset, but I know what Luke’s feeling... Read More

Artful Jack O’Lanterns Like You’ve Never Seen

Some of the creations on display at Rise of of the Jack O'Lanterns at Old Westbury Gardens this month.

Some of the creations on display at Rise of of the Jack O’Lanterns at Old Westbury Gardens this month. Sunday night I took a walk in Old Westbury Gardens and saw the Corpse Bride, Scooby Doo, the Adams Family, Frankenstein, and some classic art work too, like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and M.C. Escher’s “The Scream.” And they were all carved or painted on pumpkins. While... Read More

The Importance of Persistence by a Brooklyn Dad and Illustrator

Rufus Goes to School

Valeri Gorbachev is an illustrator and dad who now lives in Brooklyn. His latest illustrations appear in “Rufus Goes to School,” a children’s book about a little pig Rufus who does everything he can to get a seat in the classroom. I grew up in the former Soviet Union, what is now Ukraine, so you may be surprised to hear the same answer from me that you’ve probably... Read More

Making Bedtime Stories Your Own by a Brooklyn Dad


I don’t think it is an exaggeration to tell you that as far as reading aloud to children goes, I am one of history’s great-unsung talents. My two sons, 4 and 6, will tell you otherwise but it’s not their fault. How could they know better? They’re just kids. Read More  Read More

Mom and Daughter Team Up for Operation Backpack

Mother-Daughter team Rachel and Madeline made it a yearly tradition to volunteer with Operation Backpack NYC.

My daughter Madeline and I love to share concerts and culture, great food and the great outdoors. But for one week a year, we work alongside each other, lugging, lifting, hauling, counting, and packing items that will eventually fill thousands of new backpacks for children living in homeless shelters across NYC.  Of all the time we share, which is all too short, now that she’s... Read More

Celeb Chef Kelsey Nixon on Her Son’s 1st Birthday Party

kelsey nixon and son oliver

Kelsey Nixon is best known as the Emmy-nominated host of Kelsey’s Essentials on Cooking Channel, which returned for its fifth season earlier this month. You may also recognize her as one of the finalists on season four of The Next Food Network Star, where she made it to the top four and was voted Fan Favorite. But in addition to her culinary credentials, Nixon is also mom... Read More