Stuff We Like: Martha Stewart’s Blackberries and Oregano Pie

june 2014 issue of martha stewart living

This gorgeous pie combines the sweetness of blackberries with a savory note of oregano, all wrapped up in a flaky, handmade pie crust. Since July is typically peak picking season for blackberries (find where to pick your own here), a Fourth of July barbecue would be the perfect time to debut this sweet treat. Whether you opt for traditional treats like burgers (get a recipe for... Read More

Ichabod’s Ghost by Abby Sher


A Brooklyn mom, haunted by mistakes she’s made so far, finds peace and forges ahead with love. The first time I dropped my daughter Sonya on her head from a great height, she was approximately 8 months old. We were staying overnight at my uncle’s cabin in the backwoods of Connecticut. There was a plaque by the front door of the house that read: 1789, ICHABOD STODDARD. My cousins... Read More

Stuff We Like: Backyard Games with a Twist


Does your household have a king of croquet? How about a captain of cornhole? Get ready to challenge his or her reign of the backyard with these quirky outdoor games. Stray from the traditional horseshoes matches and bocce games this summer and try one of these fun but lesser-known family lawn games, either in your own backyard or at a park nearby.   Ringer Toss Ringer Toss... Read More

Stuff We Like: Just for Dads

father and son

“When I get stuck on my homework, he helps me.” “He does good voices.” “When I’m sad, he cheers me.” “He gives me a lot of kisses and huggies.” What makes your dad special?, a Shutterfly site, asked a few kids what they thought about their dads, in honor of Father’s Day. Their answers are heartwarming, precious, and sometimes maybe a bit too honest... Read More

The Passage by Sprague Theobald


A divorced Manhattan father reunites his three grown children for a risky trip to the Arctic. As their boat navigates a place few others have ever been, they find themselves on more than a physical journey. We were hundreds of miles from help. We were high in the Arctic, in uncharted waters. Ice was moving in from the north and would soon have us in a death squeeze with the ice... Read More

Stuff We Like: Baby Shower Gifts

Forma diaper bag featured

Buying for babies doesn’t have to be hard. NYMetroParents editorial director Dawn M. Roode shares her favorite baby shower gifts, culled from items she found essential when her own son was born, and cute ways to celebrate a child’s arrival. Oh, baby!   For the Greater Good I have a few go-to baby shower gifts, and they are inevitably the things that I could not... Read More

Et tu, Brute? Learning to Let Go by Maria DiGiorgio

featured image

It may feel like a small betrayal every time your child takes a step away from you (first day your child resists nursery pickup, anyone?). This Long Island mom of a high school freshman is (still) learning to let go.   It’s amazing to think that with each metaphorical step we take in life, we are letting go of something: letting go of fear, of restraint, of self-doubt, of... Read More

Stuff We Like: Just for Kids

Frogglez goggles featured

Silly parent, these things are for kids! Equip your children with the best headphones, the cuddliest nightlight and more with these items we like, just for kids.   The Monster Next to the Bed Calm your child’s fear of the dark by letting a monster light the way—Mike or Sulley from Disney/Pixar’s Monsters, Inc., that is. Philips Disney SoftPals are soft, cuddly, portable... Read More