Refrigerator Photo Gallery


Over the years, in addition to displaying my daughters’ art work and photos of them, all secured with magnets from our travels, our refrigerator had served as a giant photo album. I have 15 nieces and nephews, and each year I changed their photos, whether they were school photos or the photos that came with Christmas cards. I also added my friend’s daughters who are... Read More

Artful Jack O’Lanterns Like You’ve Never Seen

Some of the creations on display at Rise of of the Jack O'Lanterns at Old Westbury Gardens this month.

Some of the creations on display at Rise of of the Jack O’Lanterns at Old Westbury Gardens this month. Sunday night I took a walk in Old Westbury Gardens and saw the Corpse Bride, Scooby Doo, the Adams Family, Frankenstein, and some classic art work too, like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and M.C. Escher’s “The Scream.” And they were all carved or painted on pumpkins. While... Read More

Apparently, I’m Not Polite Enough

What was my mom thinking?

I consider myself to have excellent manners. I’m still unclear about on which side of the plate to place the forks. But my etiquette skills were so well ingrained in me as a child that it is still hard for me to call my parents’ friends by their first names. What was my mom thinking? But if you ask my daughters, I am woefully lacking in my technological etiquette, and it’s... Read More

Can We Be Screen-Free-ish for a Week?

For three years Long Island Parent magazine has been a media sponsor of Screen-Free Week, organized by the Early Years Institute (EYI) in Plainview. The idea is to limit–not eliminate–the time you and your children spend watching TV and using technology, including hand-held devices. Instead, we recommend that you and your children get out and play. The event takes place... Read More

Babies Get 24 Vaccines in 24 Months? No Wonder They Don’t Like Needles

Watching your infant receive their first vaccine is one true instance when you can believe it hurts you almost as much as it hurts them. Of course not literally, but it’s one of the first times we realize that something we’re doing for their own good is the cause of their pain. And there are just so many instances of this to experience with them. In their first two years,... Read More

Hurricane Sandy Stress-Relief: Recover From Within

The storm is over but for many of us on Long Island, the stress still lingers. Whether you’ve lost electricity or something much more meaningful, superstorm Sandy has affected us all physically, mentally and emotionally. As we start this holiday week that emphasizes gratitude, many of us may still feel the loss of control that the storm left in its wake: the realization that no... Read More

Sandy’s Reverberations Impact Our Kids Too

My heart and best wishes go out to all the many families affected by the storms of the past 12 days. The tragic stories just keep coming. And the frustration and despair so many feel as they still lack power and struggle to find gas for their cars is no longer handled with the post-storm empathy we all seemed to have in the early days. But I am empowered by all the reports of neighbors,... Read More

The After-School Activities Juggling Act: How to Keep It All in Balance

Has it already begun: the after-school high wire act of driving them to dance and music lessons and sports practice while trying to make sure there’s time for homework, a meal that doesn’t get eaten in the car, a bath and bedtime? Not to mention some needed downtime for the whole family? This is a typical scenario for many local parents, who in the quest to give our children... Read More