The Garden Party by Marcelle Soviero

paper origami flowers

Years later, a mother’s sad memory is forever changed by her daughter’s very different recollection of the same day. My oldest daughter, Sophia, turned 5 one month after her father moved out. I planned her fifth birthday party with the obsession only a newly separated mother could bring to such a task, pouring everything into the details that would make my girl happy, as if... Read More

The Wait and Again by Eleni Coffinas

hourglass with hearts

Three years after filling out paperwork to adopt a baby from China, this NYC mother met her daughter—a moment in which time stood still, and the waiting finally stopped.   The Moment finally arrived on Oct. 8, 2007. The long wait that had begun three years earlier, when I filled out an application, was about to end. The 8,000-mile, 20-hour plane trip brought me to a gray... Read More

Kids, Art, My Heart by Amy McNamara

art pencil

A writer asks: Is it possible to give oneself over to creative endeavors when your most vital creation, your children, requires equal love and attention? I always wanted kids. I remember learning around age 5 or 6 that it was the girls, not the boys, who got to have the babies, and thinking with glee, Suckers! Boys paraded their strengths and immeasurable freedoms around the playground... Read More

A Space Epic That’s Really About Familiar Things by a Brooklyn Dad & Author


by Jason Fry I was 8 years old in 1977, so I love Star Wars—heck, I’ve written some two dozen books set in a galaxy far, far away, so I’d better. But what makes Star Wars so great isn’t the aliens or the starships—it’s Luke Skywalker staring into the twin suns of Tatooine, yearning to escape the farm. I’ve never seen a double sunset, but I know what Luke’s feeling... Read More

‘Welcome to the Playground’ by John Bemelmans Marciano

kids on playground in winter

How an NYC author’s view of the jungle gym scene changed after he became a father   Playground. Just say the word to a New York City parent and it conjures all kinds of thoughts, concerns, and emotions. Danger. Conflict. Boredom. And occasionally even fun. Back in my 20s, I would see a playground in the city and think: “What a waste of real estate.” In the 1990s, New... Read More

After Trick-or-Treating: What to Do with the Mountains of Candy

allison cooper halloween two

I can remember my first year of being a new mom, holding my sweet little Cowardly Lion in my arms, then only three weeks old. I silently vowed to myself that I would protect him from all the bad things in the world, including the loads of sugar that goes hand-in-hand with Halloween. Now here we are, five years later, and my opinions have certainly changed! The author’s son... Read More

Explore Fall With an Easy DIY Scavenger Hunt

I spy with my little eye...

Summer is usually worshiped for being the best time of year to get out and enjoy the glorious sunshine, but fall is totally underrated. With temps that are a little cooler and a gorgeous backdrop—not to mention all of the cool things that find their way from the treetops to the ground—fall is a wonderland for kids. There’s no better way to get them out and encourage them to... Read More

What Does a Teen Author and a Teen Hypnotist Have in Common?


I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that I became a writer by accident. I wrote my first book at age twelve as a seventh-grade language arts assignment for a track and field coach who, randomly, had to cover an English class. Having never taught creative writing before, he gave us carte blanche to work on whatever we wanted–from mid-February through the end of the year... Read More