Stuff We Like: Thanks for the Memories

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Thanks to camera phones and social media, it’s now easier than ever to capture and share precious moments with your family. Instagram is fun, but we love more physically permanent means of saving memories. NYMetroParents editorial director Dawn Roode shares a few of her favorite ways to hang on to the everyday happenings you never want to forget.   Share-Worthy Stuff There... Read More

Top Tweets of the Week: Oct. 20-26

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Don’t let today’s beautiful weather (currently 72 and sunny in Manhattan!) fool you—it just might snow on Saturday. Perhaps you should pack an extra sweater before heading out to trick-or-treat. Or, wear knit pumpkin hats like @suburbanwifedp to keep warm! Nothing like coming home from trip & receiving biggest bear hug ever from 9yo. An hour later & my bones... Read More

Teaching Julia to Love by Tina Traster

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This Rockland mother rescued her child from a Siberian orphanage at 8 months old. She had no idea she would have to save her daughter again, this time from a disorder that threatened to tear her family apart. Tina Traster (right) with daughter Julia Julia dashed off the school bus and bounded down our path with her usual verve. I was sitting on a bench in our foyer, white as a ghost. “What’s... Read More

Top Tweets of the Week: Oct. 13-19

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Tweets may be limited to 140 characters, but a picture is worth 1,000 words. Some savvy parents have discovered that pictures can have as much power as a tweet, especially when the goal is to make everyone go, “Awww!” Up ahead: some very awww-worthy photos, plus a few tweets sans-picture that still manage to be adorable, even within 140 characters. Victory!! Or at least... Read More

Top Tweets of the Week: Oct. 6-12

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Motherhood changes many things about life. Whether it’s your feelings about Halloween, your morning commute, or your body, change is inevitable. The tweets below can attest to that—and to how much you love your children! Our train rides to school are just this much fun! #toddlers #nyctoddlers #ilovemyson #boysrule… — Angie E. Morris (@TheMBAMoms)... Read More

Top Tweets of the Week: Sept. 29-Oct. 5

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The passage of time is a funny thing. One day you’re watching a sunset at the beach, the next thing you know you’re looking at the changing leaves on an apple picking expedition. Your child, who last fall could barely sit up on her own, is now running around the orchard like she owns the place. Summer becomes fall; infants become toddlers. Enjoy time as it passes.... Read More

Top Tweets of the Week: Sept. 22-28

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Tomorrow begins the month of the pumpkin (what I call October), but the country has already been swept up in a pumpkin spice frenzy. Also popular, as apparent by the top tweets of the past week, are songs about socks. Is this a talent every parent automatically acquires? Whether innate or learned, I find your composing abilities impressive, New York. there was a baby boom in #nyc... Read More

Stuff We Like: Growing Up!

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Time flies when your kids are growing up; it happens before you know it. To help enjoy the transitions that come, discover these products that are perfect for growing children—and remind you to keep track of that growth along the way!   Tall Tales Your child’s height is one of the only milestones that can be concretely measured—marks on the wall physical reminders of... Read More