Top Tweets of the Week Sept. 8-14

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I celebrated my one year anniversary of moving to New York on Sept. 14. A lot can happen in a year. Heck, a lot can happen in a week—hugs from sons, kisses from dads, slightly unorthodox games of hide-and-seek. And if you happen to need a hand, I heard of two Captain Americas who can’t wait to save the world! Just got the best hug from my 11 yr old boy. Is there anything... Read More

Top Tweets of the Week: Sept. 1-7

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It finally happened—your children went back to school. But first, you had fun on Labor Day with water fights, amusement rides, and cake eating. Summer vacation is over, but there’s plenty to look forward to. Or as one mother reminds us, there’s plenty to enjoy in this moment, right now. Was this kind of day #endofsummer @ETHANHALLZOHN @haydenhallzohn —... Read More

Top Tweets of the Week: Aug. 25-31

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We haven’t officially reached the autumnal equinox yet, but with back-to-school in the air, we’re in a fall frame of mind. Along with new notebooks and falling leaves, this means stricter bedtimes and active extracurricular schedules—which, inspired by the US Open, might include tennis lessons! Just announced this school year’s bedtimes to 8yo & 11yo. 11yo:... Read More

Stuff We Like: Listen Up!

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Lullaby baby in the tree top…While that may be a classic, there are new kids’ tunes in town. NYMetroParents editorial director Dawn M. Roode shares the latest and greatest in catchy songs, boogie-worthy jams, and calming melodies.   Didgeridoo, Doo, Doo World music aficionados will already be familiar with Putumayo’s eclectic offerings, and its latest for families,... Read More

Top Tweets of the Week: Aug. 18-24

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We’re in the home stretch, folks! Some parents have already sent their kids back to school; New York public schools open their classrooms for the first day next week Sept. 4. To prepare, parents are relishing leisurely breakfasts, marking their calendars with upcoming school functions, and pointing out all of the lies you’ll hear from the other school moms at the beginning... Read More

First Day of School by Rajdeep Paulus


When you miss your kid getting off the bus—and she takes the scenic route around the neighborhood then back to school to wait for you in the principal’s office—remember: It’s going to be okay. Really, it is. This local mom shares her recipe for back-to-school success. The author’s daughter Sarah, 5, on her first day of kindergarten, photographed gettingoff the bus since... Read More

Stuff We Like: the New Back to School Supplies

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Gone are the days of marble notebooks and pencils topping families’ back-to-school shopping lists. Presenting our choices for the coolest new and necessary items to stuff your kids’ lunchboxes, cubbies, and lockers! SoCal Hair Curling Tie Step away from the damaging curling iron and use the SoCal Hair Curling Tie ($18.99) to achieve curls, instead. The accessory takes only... Read More

Top Tweets of the Week: Aug. 11-17

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Today is my birthday, and as I think of what milestones this new age will bring, I also reminisce on those of the past. Though I can’t remember the first time I used a toilet or the last time I took an afternoon nap, I’m sure my mother can, and that she felt the same emotions as our top tweeters this week. Unlike @daddysweeney’s son, though, I never hid from the... Read More