Stuff We Like: Get Creative with Lakeshore Learning


“Why?” If you’ve got a preschooler, you’re no stranger to this question. You may even be more than a little tired of hearing it, since our naturally curious tots tend to repeat it over and over and over again, causing us to scramble for answers that are both truthful and digestible for a 4-year-old. We may long for our little ones to outgrow the “why?”... Read More

Stuff We Like: Earth Day Finds


Earth Day is April 22. Celebrate the holiday with these earthy finds encouraging a green thumb or promoting green living, and don’t forget to get outside and appreciate nature!   Green Thumb Your little one doesn’t have to get dirty to enjoy gardening with the Lakeshore Learning Color Match Learning Garden ($29.99). The plush, machine-washable toy encourages color... Read More

The Garden Party by Marcelle Soviero

paper origami flowers

Years later, a mother’s sad memory is forever changed by her daughter’s very different recollection of the same day. My oldest daughter, Sophia, turned 5 one month after her father moved out. I planned her fifth birthday party with the obsession only a newly separated mother could bring to such a task, pouring everything into the details that would make my girl happy, as if... Read More

The Wait and Again by Eleni Coffinas

hourglass with hearts

Three years after filling out paperwork to adopt a baby from China, this NYC mother met her daughter—a moment in which time stood still, and the waiting finally stopped.   The Moment finally arrived on Oct. 8, 2007. The long wait that had begun three years earlier, when I filled out an application, was about to end. The 8,000-mile, 20-hour plane trip brought me to a gray... Read More

Stuff We Like: Snacks & Skillets


Craving something spicy, sweet, or nutty? We’ve put together a list of the yummiest snacks that have come across our desks recently, including spicy specialty pickles, whole-grain and low-cal cookies, and granola with just the right amount of crunch. And while these picks are delicious, we know that a parent can’t live on snacks alone, so check out the sleek and affordable... Read More

Stuff We Like: For Traveling with Kids

child traveling by train

Planning a family vacation? Got an antsy kid? Here, we’ve picked the best products to stash in your bag when traveling with children:   The Lifesaver They call this the TrayKit (ages 3 and older; $39.95) we call it a lifesaver. This all-in-one kid’s carry-on functions as a backpack in which your child can stash her travel essentials (how grown-up she’ll feel being... Read More

Stuff We Like: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Little Loves

i love you cork board

Sure, we show our little ones love all year-round, but Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to gift them with a lasting reminder of our affection — which pretty much sums up like this: And now, our top picks for gifts to hand out to your top people on February 14: Baby’s BFF What better day than Feb. 14 for The Lovie Project to return to our area? Now in its third year,... Read More

Stuff We Like: Snow Day Survival Kit

carve a stamp kit

Snow day, you say? Utter this phrase in the direction of any school-aged child and you can just about see the excitement building. Snow days for our little ones mean sledding, snowball fights, fort-building, hot chocolate, and more winter-weather fun. For parents, though, it means a whole day of keeping the kids entertained. With record-low temperatures hitting the Northeast and... Read More