Top Tweets of the Week: Jan. 12-18

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Aside from @MyStrangeFam with her amazing beach photo—where was that vacation destination?!—we’ve all been dealing with the winter weather lately. This means fun things, like sledding and skiing, and not-so-fun things, like being kept inside all day due to the cold. Fortunately, we have ways to make both options better: guides to winter sports and activities! Please don’t... Read More

Top Tweets of the Week: Jan. 5-11

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My parents live in the South, and they are enjoying a winter that is much, much warmer than ours on the East Coast. Every time I talk to my mother on the phone, she asks what I’m wearing, offering to send me fuzzy mittens, leather gloves, an embarrassing hat with bear ears I used to wear as a child, to help fend off the New York City chill. @TimFederle’s app idea would... Read More

Top Tweets of the Week: Dec. 29-Jan. 4

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Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely, long holiday season. Have you made any resolutions for 2015? Mine include cutting back on online shopping and ordering fewer meals from Seamless. I also agree with many of the resolutions made by kids in @MommyNearest’s posts—I’ll definitely work on being less grumpy in the morning! Baby toes and @BabyLegs. Love. —... Read More

Stuff We Like: Top 5 Tech Toys for Kids

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Check out these five cool tech toys for the artistic engineer in your household.   littleBits Children are born with creative minds and inventive ideas — they just need the right toy to bring those thoughts to life! littleBits electronics is the easiest way to introduce your children (ages 8 and older) to electronics, and teach them how to transform their ideas from... Read More

You Be the Judge by JJ Keith

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One mother shares some hard truths about ‘the village that it takes’ and encourages real conversation about how to be a parent in today’s world. Conversations about parenting have gotten a bad rap, and not for nothing. Because there are so many of us figuring it out as we go along with minimum advice or help from our own parents, shit has gotten extra personal. However, if... Read More

10 Parent Do-Overs For 2015 Including “Embrace the Mess” by Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC

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I’ve found that hindsight gives you great insight, and if you hang in there a few more months, what drives you mad now will be gone with the next thing your child finds interesting. So, stay curious and take naps. When my first daughter was six and my youngest was two, I came to a realization that helped me parent in a much different fashion. You see, I’ve always been... Read More

Top Tweets of the Week Dec. 8-14

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The holiday spirit is all around us! Hanukkah beings tonight at sundown, and Christmas and Kwanzaa spread cheer next week. The season of snow officially starts when the winter solstice takes place on Sunday, but there’s no need to wait until then to start tackling this great to-d0 list of the best winter activities in the NY metro area—and don’t forget to share the... Read More

Top Tweets of the Week: Dec. 1-7

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Rain, rain, why won’t you go away, and come again when spring is on its way? I don’t know about you, but it’s December, and that means the only precipitation I want to see is snow. Wet weather has been frequent recently, but rather than wallow in misery, I’ve been enjoying all the adorable rain-boots-and-puddle-jumping photos in my Twitter feed. After all,... Read More