Stuff We Like: Top 5 Tech Toys for Kids

laser pegs space ship

Check out these five cool tech toys for the artistic engineer in your household.   littleBits Children are born with creative minds and inventive ideas — they just need the right toy to bring those thoughts to life! littleBits electronics is the easiest way to introduce your children (ages 8 and older) to electronics, and teach them how to transform their ideas from... Read More

Stuff We Like: Weather or Not

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but our feet are so delightful! Keep your children’s toes toasty warm this winter with a pair of these worthy boots that are both cute and functional, handpicked (or shall we say foot-picked?) by NYMetroParents editorial director Dawn Roode.   Booty Love Babies don’t need shoes, but keeping their tootsies warm in winter months... Read More

Stuff We Like: Thanks for the Memories

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Thanks to camera phones and social media, it’s now easier than ever to capture and share precious moments with your family. Instagram is fun, but we love more physically permanent means of saving memories. NYMetroParents editorial director Dawn Roode shares a few of her favorite ways to hang on to the everyday happenings you never want to forget.   Share-Worthy Stuff There... Read More

Stuff We Like: Growing Up!

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Time flies when your kids are growing up; it happens before you know it. To help enjoy the transitions that come, discover these products that are perfect for growing children—and remind you to keep track of that growth along the way!   Tall Tales Your child’s height is one of the only milestones that can be concretely measured—marks on the wall physical reminders of... Read More

Stuff We Like: Listen Up!

the little band that could featured

Lullaby baby in the tree top…While that may be a classic, there are new kids’ tunes in town. NYMetroParents editorial director Dawn M. Roode shares the latest and greatest in catchy songs, boogie-worthy jams, and calming melodies.   Didgeridoo, Doo, Doo World music aficionados will already be familiar with Putumayo’s eclectic offerings, and its latest for families,... Read More

Stuff We Like: the New Back to School Supplies

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Gone are the days of marble notebooks and pencils topping families’ back-to-school shopping lists. Presenting our choices for the coolest new and necessary items to stuff your kids’ lunchboxes, cubbies, and lockers! SoCal Hair Curling Tie Step away from the damaging curling iron and use the SoCal Hair Curling Tie ($18.99) to achieve curls, instead. The accessory takes only... Read More

Stuff We Like: ETHNIKOS Toys


Ajuma Ataguba, creator of ETHNIKOS toys Ajuma Ataguba is a toymaker with an ambitious goal: To inspire children to learn about and appreciate the world, especially different ethnicities and cultures. She aims to do so through a new collection of plush toys and books called ETHNIKOS, and she’s asking for a little help to make this line a reality. On July 21, 2014, Ataguba launched... Read More

Stuff We Like: Letter Perfect

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The ABCs are more than just letters. NYMetroParents editorial director Dawn M. Roode shares products that show how the ABCs can be used to communicate, stylize, and entertain! Living Pictures     With the nostalgic charm of those iconic gold-spined books of our youth paired with the detailed elegance of an Audubon study, the vibrant illustrations in Susi Martin’s Animal... Read More