On ‘Daddy Blogs’ by A Father’s Advice

Watch out, moms! The “Daddy Bloggers” are here. As a father I’m glad there’s an outlet for my views and a place to hear others. I find myself growing all the time and feel refreshed knowing there are others going through exactly what I am. I find there to be a lot of liberating power in accepting others to help you mold your independence.
Dad and Son I often search blogs and sites pertaining to fatherhood for my own selfish needs but through researching different sites, blogs, and Twitter accounts, I realized in the past year that men are posting about their lives more and more. It’s amazing to see so many fathers dedicated to their role as a parent. The variety is endless. From the new dad sharing his confused or exciting thoughts, to the funny dad posting about his kids’ amazing ability to ask the wrong question at the wrong time, it’s a growing community.

It’s refreshing to know there is a place to go and just explore what is going on outside of your circle. Many fathers are driven to share their triumphs along their way. In my opinion the only way to become a good father is to emulate those who you feel represent what you want your child to see in you. This doesn’t mean abandon who you are, but rather it means to enhance who it is you are already. How you want to be perceived is how your child will see you.

The men’s blog sites and Twitter rants give a great avenue for a father to explore new ideas while perhaps solidifying his own decisions. It’s becoming easier and easier to find an answer to a confusing situation or to simply share an experience with other fathers. I find so many times that fathers from all walks sharing my same thoughts and events, but it’s just as surprising when fathers who are similar to you don’t share the same parenting beliefs. We can’t expect ourselves to be born with all the right answers. The new wave of daddy bloggers is providing that avenue for dads all over to reach out and hear what other fathers are saying. It’s so important for people to have affirmation or another option to explore. I use my Twitter (@AFathersAdvice) to pass along words of encouragement, guidance, and experience. I hope to help others as I myself grow.

Some good, well-established sites to start with: www.dadtalk.com; www.manbuilders.com; www.legendarydads.com; and www.twitter.com (topic dads/fathers). Maybe some day the “BlogHim” show will give the “BlogHer” show a little friendly competition?

Lance is a Long Island dad who offers his insights and advice on parenting and raising two children in Long Island. Tweet him at @AFathersAdvice.


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