Stuff We Like: Cool Sleds for Kids

Winter is on its way, bringing colder temps and the promise of snow. We all tend to spend more time indoors during these chilly months, which can make exercise harder to come by for kids. Regular exercise is important for physical health, of course, but also for a child’s mental health. A great way to keep them active when the white stuff hits is to get them bundled up and send them out to your nearest sledding hill. And of course, they’ll need the right gear to help them zip down that snow-packed slide in style. Below are six super sled options, with age recommendations, all available at


Keeper Sports SnowDaze Cool Rider Snow TubeKeeper Sports SnowDaze Cool Ride Tube

Built for one or two, this Jumbo 52” diameter tube will blast through new snow or zip down hard packed hills. Helmet recommended with use.
Recommended ages: All


Flexible Flyer Pull SleighFlexible Flyer Pull Sleigh

This sturdy ash wood sleigh has a pull rope making it easy to haul kids who are not yet ready to hit the sledding hill.
Recommended ages: 12 months to 4 years


Stiga Classic Snow Racer sledStiga Classic Snow Racer

Built strong for years of winter fun, this sled includes a safety steering wheel and a dual-action hand and foot brake, so riders can safely navigate down the hill.
Recommended ages: 3 and older


Flexible Flyer Snow Screamer sledFlexible Flyer Snow Screamer

Cruise down the hill at breakneck speeds with the Flexible Flyer Snow Screamer. Made of lightweight foam, the Snow Screamer includes a slick bottom surface that encourages high speeds, along with two sets of sturdy handles. The 47-by-21.5-inch sled can accommodate two riders at once, though it weighs just 3 pounds.
Recommended ages: 5 and older


Mountain Boy Sledworks wooden tobogganMountain Boy Sledworks Mountain Boggan 6-Foot Toboggan

This is the toboggan your grandfather had — beautifully made, with solid planks, willow crosspieces, and made extra-wide with a tall curl at the front that you can stick your feet under. This

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sled is designed to last: All hardware is stainless steel, and the wood has a marine-grade finish. Available in 4-, 6-, and 8-foot lengths.
Recommended ages: 5 and older


Zipfy mini luge yellowZipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow

Zipfy is the fastest, most exhilarating downhill sport ever! Rails on the bottom of the sled give the rider the ability to slalom down the hill just like the pros!
Recommended ages: 5-12


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