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Ajuma Ataguba, creator of ETHNIKOS toys

Ajuma Ataguba, creator of ETHNIKOS toys

Ajuma Ataguba is a toymaker with an ambitious goal: To inspire children to learn about and appreciate the world, especially different ethnicities and cultures. She aims to do so through a new collection of plush toys and books called ETHNIKOS, and she’s asking for a little help to make this line a reality.

On July 21, 2014, Ataguba launched a fundraising campaign for ETHNIKOS on Indiegogo with a goal to raise $50,000. ETHNIKOS toys and books teach kids about diversity as well as animals, numbers, rhymes, geography, and more. If Ataguba reaches her goal by Sept. 7 when the campaign ends, she plans to use the money to create and sell ETHNIKOS toys and also to launch what she calls the “one million toys for one million kids” campaign.

The charity campaign is based on Ataguba’s belief that the ETHNIKOS Collection should be for every child, not just those whose parents can afford it. Her company is partnering with several charities around the world to help fulfill her goal of giving one million toys to one million children in need. Through these various charities, including Toy Industry Foundation and JCI Foundation, 25 percent of donations will go to children in Nigeria, 25 percent will go to children in other parts of Africa, and 50 percent will be sent to children all around the world.

The ETHNIKOS Collection includes an assortment of multicultural plush toys, an alphabet book, and an app featuring characters from the books such as Ellieko the Elephant and Sunnieko the Sunflower. Each character comes with its own backstory, nursery rhymes, and teachings about the alphabet. These toys are targeted to children ages 1-10.

Those who donate to the Indiegogo campaign receive special perks such as toys and other merchandise, party packs, donations in your name, and more, depending on your donation amount.

For more information on the ETHNIKOS collection or to donate to Ataguba’s campaign, go to


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