Stuff We Like: Eye Candy

With summer on the horizon, it’s time to upgrade your eyewear. Check out our picks in the glasses department — including trendy sunglasses, sports glasses, and eyeglasses for you and your little ones.


Koo Choo Loo boys sunglassesMade in the Shade
Why should mom and dad have all the fun? Let your kids draw the attention in stylish, trendy shades that fit their face and personality. The new line of KooChooLoo Baby sunglasses has a wide variety of styles to choose from, including Jackie-O, Aviator, and Square-Edged. For girly girls who want to look as glam as mom, the Latte design is a perfect choice. And boys who want to rock it like Kanye can don these white Marshmallow frames (pictured). All options provide 100-percent UV protection (from both UVA and UVB rays), are impact-resistant, and can be made into prescription sunglasses. (Ages
newborn-6 years; $34.50;


kids sports sunglasses from Chasing FirefliesHey, Sport!
A baseball cap only shields your child’s precious peepers from the sun so much. Instead, get broad-spectrum sun protection with these sunglasses from Chasing Fireflies, designed just for kids—the professional grade frames and lenses are shatterproof, an adjustable neoprene band keeps them in place (so they’re great for active kids), and not only do they provide 100-percent UV protection (from both UVA and UVB rays), but they’re cool, too. (Ages 3-7; $18;


under armour sunglassesSeeing Is Believing
If you’re anything like me, you misplace those cheapie sunglasses all the time (I’ve been known to sit on mine in the car, and I once forgot a pair in the diaper bag…till my son was almost out of diapers). But when I buy the right ones—great fit, crystal clear vision, lightweight—I make it a point to take care. Enter these Under Armour Surge sunglasses: With a custom-fit adjustable nosepad and super-durable construction (they’re 10 times stronger than most polycarbonate pairs), they’re perfect to wear on the run from school to yoga to shopping. Bonus: They deliver 20 percent more undistorted peripheral vision than ordinary lenses. Oh, and if you happen to sit on them, they’ll likely survive. ($69.99;


Easy Twist eyeglass framesQuite a Pair
Boys, girls, no matter—kids break things. Don’t let it be their prescription glasses, which they need and which you don’t need to replace. EasyTwist frames from Aspex Eyewear has a range of colorful eyewear for kids, and every pair of frames is made from the nickel-free, hypoallergenic, non-breakable memory metal Trilostan, which is highly elastic (it immediately recovers its shape even after being wrapped a full 360 degrees around your finger!). They are resistant to stress, shock, corrosion, and temperature changes, and, unlike other flex frames made from nickel and titanium, they won’t become dull after time. (All ages; prices vary by design and location; visit to find a retailer near you)


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