Stuff We Like: the New Back to School Supplies

Gone are the days of marble notebooks and pencils topping families’ back-to-school shopping lists. Presenting our choices for the coolest new and necessary items to stuff your kids’ lunchboxes, cubbies, and lockers!

SoCal Hair Curling Tie

socal hair tie

Step away from the damaging curling iron and use the SoCal Hair Curling Tie ($18.99) to achieve curls, instead. The accessory takes only a few minutes to heat, tie, and wrap, and looks oh-so-cute while your daughter waits for her curls to set! Check out a video of how easy the product is to use!


Yoobi Mini Highlighters

yoobi highlighters

Yoobi Mini Highlighters ($4.99) are easy to stash in a backpack and have enough bright hues to color-code all of your kid’s school notes.

Cuddly Bandages

cuddly bandages

Fuzzy Cuddly Bandages ($9.90 for two boxes of 6 bandages each), sweet and functional, are the next best thing to a mother’s kiss for fixing a boo-boo.

Lakeshore Learning reading pillow

reading pillow

Make the reading nook the most comfortable place in the house with this kid-sized Lakeshore Learning reading pillow ($59.99) that stores your child’s favorite books within arms’ reach.

Poppin Small Fry Scissors


A cut above: Even tiny hands can handle these oh-so-modern looking Poppin Small Fry Scissors (ages 5 and older; $7). Snip away!

Slap Bracelet Rulers

slap bracelet rulers

A stylish school tool—who’d have thought it? Why Slap Bracelet Rulers ($1.99), of course. If your child’s school has banned slap bracelets (please ask!), use the fun and convenient measuring tool at home during homework sessions.

GoPak Lunch Set

hello kitty lunch box

Say hello to convenient food storage with this GoPak Lunch Set (which includes Bento boxes and snack containers as shown, plus folds flat for storage) (ages 3 and older; $21.97), available in Hello Kitty and additional themes.

Post-it Reminder Tags

post it reminders

Put reminders in sight with these Post-it Reminder Tags ($3.99), which can be looped around things your children can’t ignore, such as backpack straps and lunch bag handles.

Pin Pals

pin pal

Pin Pals (ages 6 and older; $5), imaginatively illustrated enamel alphabet pins, come with silly personality profiles for each character.



Created by Rockland County residents, the iRing ($24.99) is designed for functionality, and we think it might put some parents’ minds at ease that their child won’t lose that expensive iPhone they’ve entrusted her with. By hooking to a belt loop or backpack strap, iRing allows for secure portability; it also becomes a horizontal or vertical stand on a flat surface.

Stuck on You Designer Shoe Dots

shoe labels

These must-have Stuck on You Designer Shoe Dots ($19.95 for pack of 20 labels) are durable (waterproof!) and adorable—the wide variety of themes will appeal to parents tired of the same-old, same-old (we love this flirty Parisian style). Chinese characters are also now available for personalization.

Poppin Alec Insulated Lunch Bag

poppin lunch bag

The ecoconscious Poppin Alec Insulated Lunch Bag ($20) is perfect for the student who’s outgrown cartoon characters and princesses.

Airbac Backpacks


Airbac Backpacks  ($49.99-$158) lighten the heaviest loads with a patented Airbac comfort system that minimizes physical stress.

Star Wars Workbooks

star wars workbook

Just think, problem-solving à la Hans Solo: Star Wars Workbooks ($8.95) are available for math, reading, and writing for preschool through second grade.

I See Me’s Personalized Lunch Box

chalkboard lunch box

With I See Me’s Personalized Lunch Box (ages 2-12; 10 designs available; $29.95) you can put your child’s name on the outside plus a special message from Mom and Dad on the blackboard inside.

Wimpy Kid School Planner

wimpy kid planner

He’ll be proud to use this Wimpy Kid School Planner ($14.95) to keep track of homework, extracurriculars, play dates, and all that fills his days.

Scotch Display Frames

scotch frames

Showcase your kid’s works of art with these easy-stick Scotch Display Frames ($4.99-$6.99). 

Flip ‘N’ Check

flip n check

Youth from NYC high schools participating in the nonprofit Teen Entrepreneur Boot Camp created Flip ‘N’ Check (ages 6-10; $13.99), innovative dry-erase activity books filled with mazes and educational fun (up next: a Mad Libs version!). Check out the video at to see the kid-friendly twist on their product! 


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