Stuff We Like: Top 5 Tech Toys for Kids

Check out these five cool tech toys for the artistic engineer in your household.



littlebits smart home kit

Children are born with creative minds and inventive ideas — they just need the right toy to bring those thoughts to life! littleBits electronics is the easiest way to introduce your children (ages 8 and older) to electronics, and teach them how to transform their ideas from thoughts into prototype inventions. With magnetic connecting circuits, your child can learn the basics of engineering without having to go to college on it. Children can make their own Mars Rover with the Space Kit ($140.41) or create an invention of their own design with the Smart Home Kit ($249) (available at RadioShack).


MaKey MaKey

makey makey play doh kit

The perfect gift for artists, gamers, and inventors, MaKey MaKey ($49.99) can transform bananas into a piano or program a plastic knife to cut a virtual log of wood. From video games to making music, MaKey MaKey is the gift to give imaginative children of all ages. (Comes with seven alligator clips, six connector wires, and one USB cable.)

Check out this video for a better idea of just what MaKey MaKey can do:

Want the best of both worlds? The MaKey MaKey module, a collaboration of littleBits and MaKey MaKey, is perfect for the artistic engineer in all children. Control your inventions with Play-Doh or use a glass of water to move a servo motor. You can reserve your module at before it’s released to the shelves!



hexbug vex robot

Last year, we recommended the HEXBUG Nano V2 Black Hole, but if you still aren’t sold that this is the best gift for your child, then check out the HEXBUG VEX collection. Children 8 and older can build and control a larger than life robotic creature or mix and match the VEX models to create a creature of their own. The VEX Robotics bugs include Ant ($49.99), Spider ($69.99), Scarab ($69.99), or Strandbeast ($89.99).


Laser Pegs

laser pegs spaceship nightlight

Laser Pegs lights up your child’s world! From racecars to National Geographic animals, Laser Peg kits are Lego compatible and add a bit of color into brick creations. Using an LED light pendant, Laser Pegs clear construction bricks shine bright with a rainbow of colors and are perfect to use as night lights or glow-in-the-dark creations. Check out the National Geographic Space kit ($49.99) and the Indy Car kit ($29.99) at Wal-Mart and Kohls. (Ages 5-15)


School Zone Little Scholar

kids playing with schoolzone tablet

It’s hard to know if your child is learning anything from those “educational” kids apps you just stumbled across in the AppStore. Quit guessing and finally know with the Little Scholar Tablet ($169.99) from School Zone. Loaded with more than 150 pre-programmed apps, videos, songs, and books, this tablet is perfect for pre-K to first-graders looking for that fun game on a smart device. If your curiosity peaks, feel free to keep track of their progress with the A+ Report Card App and watch as the Little Scholar Tablets guides your child through the early stages of learning.


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