Bragging Rights: Yours, Mine, Every Parent’s

Our Constitution guarantees us freedom of speech—and as far as I’m concerned, that includes parental bragging rights. I’m not one of those obnoxious parents who touts my child’s every last feat to every person I meet, nor do I post hourly video updates of his antics to my Facebook page. But I do boast when it’s called for, and I do share milestone albums on Facebook, funny exchanges on Twitter… Yesterday, for instance:   My 3yo just... Read More

Your Child’s Wonderful, Magical Brain (92Y Conference, Part 2)

I’ve always been intrigued by the wonder of our brains (even going so far as to sign up for a Neuroscience course my last semester of undergrad despite the fact that I was the sole English major/non-premed student enrolled—a rain-on-my-senior-year-parade decision that did little to help me understand the brain). Recently I’ve been exposed to some research that has astonished me and rekindled my interest in our magical minds—and it... Read More

Has it Really Been a Year? by Lance Somerfeld of NYC Dads Group

Lance Somerfeld, a founding member and co-organizer of the NYC Dads Group, is a stay-at-home dad of 3-year-old Jake. Since co-founding NYC Dads Group in 2008, the community has grown to more than 500 active fathers in the New York City area. Has it really been a year since my son was born and I was thrust head first into this amazing role as a father? Yes. The evidence is a prize of a son who keeps opening and slamming the desk drawer next to me as... Read More