And the Senior Superlative Goes to…the Parents!

One more reason I love social media: Without it, I likely would not discover stories such as this one, headlined “Adorable Same-Sex High School Couple Wins ‘Cutest Couple’ Yearbook Superlative.” Brad Taylor and Dylan Meehan were named “cutest couple” at Carmel High School in Putnam County, NY—it was the first year same-sex couples were “eligible” (I wonder: Were they ever formally excluded, or was the assertion that they were in... Read More

One Book I Am Saving for My Child, and Why

As editorial director of NYMetroParents, I see a lot of books coming across my desk (I’m always surrounded by stacks of them, on the floor, my windowsill, the chair purportedly for guests). And as the mother of a 3-year-old and aunt to kids across the age spectrum, I am fortunate to be able to bestow some of these books upon the kids from time to time. But it’s not often I stash away a book for when my son is older. We live in an apartment... Read More

What To Do When Your Kid is The Playground Bully from Rebecca Kammerer

Rebecca Kammerer from Parents “R” Talking and talks about what to do if you discover that your child is being a bully on the playground. It could be a parent’s most embarrassing nightmare: It’s a lovely afternoon and you and your child(ren) are at the playground having a wonderful time when, suddenly, your little one is not-kind in some way to someone else’s child. How do you handle this? Read More  Read More