If We Could Only Bottle Our Kids’ Joy!

If there were a way to bottle joy, someone would be rich. We’d see billboards plastered everywhere, infomercials hawking the commodity, and venture capitalists fighting one another for the best way to cash in. If there were a way to bottle young kids’ joy, someone would be over-the-moon-and-back-again rich. Nothing is better than pure giggles of delight from your child, smiles that stretch so wide they look like they might hurt, and that glistening... Read More

Reading Is Fun(damental)

March 1 was the kickoff of the annual Read Across America celebration, which falls on the birthday of the inimitable Dr. Seuss and highlights the importance of developing a love of reading at an early age. But what many don’t realize is that this day marks the beginning of a full year filled with events and promotions around reading to—and with—children. The National Education Association provides educators with materials (check out their new... Read More

Powerful HBO Film on Divorce, Debuting Tonight, Opens a Window to My Past

The powerful, 30-minute documentary “Don’t Divorce Me!” which debuts on HBO September 20, features more than 20 kids like this boy who poignantly, honestly lay emotions bare—and set ground rules for their separated parents. Don’t Divorce Me! Kids’ Rules for Parents on Divorce, premiering September 20 exclusively on HBO, is a half-hour of raw emotion and heartfelt honesty that should be watched by all parents, but especially... Read More

Back-to-School Shopping, New Century Style (Plus, a Most Enduring Pick)

Indulging in a well-deserved rainbow cookie after our shopping spree at The Children’s Place When I was in fourth grade I remember convincing my mom to buy me a copy of Seventeen magazine—quite a few years ahead of time, but it was aspirational, like Vogue to an adult, right? The September issue was the back-to-school bible, thick-spined with ads as interesting as the editorial stories. I pored over every page, dog-earing those with clothes... Read More

What Father’s Day Means to Me

Daddy and the other guy in my life, back when he was a baby (oh, those thighs!!) I have a handful of happy memories of time spent with my own father when I was a young child. Ice skating on the local lake, all bundled up in a pink scarf and mittens crocheted by my mom. Accompanying my dad to work (before there was such a thing as “Bring Your Child to Work Day”) at I.B.M., back in the days when a mainframe computer took up an entire large room—how... Read More