Explore Fall With an Easy DIY Scavenger Hunt

Summer is usually worshiped for being the best time of year to get out and enjoy the glorious sunshine, but fall is totally underrated. With temps that are a little cooler and a gorgeous backdrop—not to mention all of the cool things that find their way from the treetops to the ground—fall is a wonderland for kids. There’s no better way to get them out and encourage them to explore than by sending them on a nature scavenger hunt. Trust me, it... Read More

Call It a Comeback: Sea Lions Welcome You to Their New Home!

   New York Aquarium, normally the only Coney Island attraction open to the public every day of the year, opens its doors again today after having been closed since Hurricane Sandy hit our shores last fall. The partial re-opening allows guests to see otters, walruses, and plenty of other marine mammals, including the resident sea lions. NYMetroParents got a preview of the show in the fully remodeled aquatheater—and even in today’s autumn-like... Read More

This Weekend: A Seasonal Event that’s Multi-Generational, Multi-Cultural

I’ve been going for a few years with my family to the cherry blossom festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden—we bring a picnic, enjoy the longed for warmer air, take lots of pictures under the beautifully blooming trees, and let my little guy run around and around. Even my grandmother gets in on the act; she’s the quintessential people watcher (you know, the senior citizen who peers out the window from behind curtains all day, who doesn’t... Read More

Holiday Traditions, Old and New

I grew up in a tiny family, my husband in a large one. While the celebrations of his youth were characterized by a lot more noise and a lot more food than mine, both of ours were centered around family and an abundance of love. Both of ours, too, were made all the more memorable by uniquely special mothers. Now that we have our own nuclear family—and at 3, my son is just discovering the joys of Christmas this year—we wanted to start some traditions... Read More

Trying to Stay Distracted During the Storm

There’s no denying that Hurricane Sandy has done tremendous damage in our area and everywhere along its destructive path. My heart goes out to my fellow NYC residents who lost their homes to a horrific fire in Breezy Point, Queens; to the approximately 200 patients at NYU Langone Medical Center who were forced to evacuate the hospital; and to every family and individual that was in harm’s way. It can be hard to turn off the news. Sandy’s... Read More

We Turned a Sesame Place Trip into a Bucks County Family Weekend

Tickled literally and figuratively by the Count at Sesame Place’s character dinner (Oh, Yeah: And How You Can WIN a Weekend Getaway There, too!) Watching with rapt attention, clapping like crazy, and generally awed by all his favorite Sesame Street friends! Sesame Place was the Heart of Our Bucks County Weekend, For Sure My son watches only two shows on television: Dora the Explorer, and of course, Sesame Street. At 3, he is deeply in touch... Read More

The Perfect 10 that Made Me an Olympic Fan Forever

Nadia Comaneci in the 1976 routine that earned her the first perfect-10 score in Olympic history. Nadia Comaneci was only about 8 years older than me when she won her first three Olympic Gold Medals. Talk about inspiration. I was just 6 years old, but I vividly remember sitting in front of the TV—I had begged my mom to let me stay up late enough to watch the gymnastics competition. I only know it was the Montreal Olympics because I Googled it recently.... Read More

Rockland Boulders: Local Family Fun

  The Rockland Boulders huddle up. - Photo Credit: Rockland Boulders Now in their second year, the Rockland Boulders are getting ready for their season opener game on May 17. The 2012 season will kick off with an away game against the Québec Capitales, but the Boulders will take home field on May 22 against the Newark Bears. After their inaugural 2011 season, the Rockland Boulders, members of the CanAm League, are making a mark on the Rockland... Read More