21st Century Parenting Thought Leaders

Every field has its thought leaders—individuals who are out ahead of the curve, blazing new trails with research and revolutionary ideas, challenging old wisdom. On Monday I was fortunate to listen in as five thought leaders in the world of parenting addressed a crowd of a few hundred (mostly mothers, a scattering of fathers, and some journalists as well) at the 92nd Street Y on the Upper East Side at a conference headlined “What Do You Really... Read More

“Any Day Now” Has RIGHT—and Alan Cumming—on Its Side

Paul (Garret Dillahunt), Marco (Isaac Leyva), and Rudy (Alan Cumming) in “Any Day Now.” Courtesy of Music Box Films. I was privileged to see a special screening of Any Day Now, opening in theaters today, last night in Manhattan. The panel discussion that followed and the preview were held at the LGBT Community Center on W. 13th St. The film, which follows the quest of a couple (who happen to be men) to adopt a young boy with Down syndrome,... Read More

Is the Media Unfair to Parents?

As a long-time editor in mainstream print media, I can heartily attest that it’s gotten more and more challenging over the years to sell magazines, to gain readers and advertisers, to hold those readers’ attention. Television shares similar problems, what with people’s diminished (byte-sized) attention spans and the pull of hyper-opinionated broadcasters. Headlines—and magazine covers—that create buzz are hard to come by. In recent weeks,... Read More