Your Child’s Wonderful, Magical Brain (92Y Conference, Part 2)

I’ve always been intrigued by the wonder of our brains (even going so far as to sign up for a Neuroscience course my last semester of undergrad despite the fact that I was the sole English major/non-premed student enrolled—a rain-on-my-senior-year-parade decision that did little to help me understand the brain). Recently I’ve been exposed to some research that has astonished me and rekindled my interest in our magical minds—and it... Read More

Is the Media Unfair to Parents?

As a long-time editor in mainstream print media, I can heartily attest that it’s gotten more and more challenging over the years to sell magazines, to gain readers and advertisers, to hold those readers’ attention. Television shares similar problems, what with people’s diminished (byte-sized) attention spans and the pull of hyper-opinionated broadcasters. Headlines—and magazine covers—that create buzz are hard to come by. In recent weeks,... Read More