Ichabod’s Ghost by Abby Sher

A Brooklyn mom, haunted by mistakes she’s made so far, finds peace and forges ahead with love. The first time I dropped my daughter Sonya on her head from a great height, she was approximately 8 months old. We were staying overnight at my uncle’s cabin in the backwoods of Connecticut. There was a plaque by the front door of the house that read: 1789, ICHABOD STODDARD. My cousins still swore Ichabod’s ghost visited them, flickering the lights... Read More

Bragging Rights: Yours, Mine, Every Parent’s

Our Constitution guarantees us freedom of speech—and as far as I’m concerned, that includes parental bragging rights. I’m not one of those obnoxious parents who touts my child’s every last feat to every person I meet, nor do I post hourly video updates of his antics to my Facebook page. But I do boast when it’s called for, and I do share milestone albums on Facebook, funny exchanges on Twitter… Yesterday, for instance:   My 3yo just... Read More

Working Parent Woes, and Why They’re Worth It for Me (Now)

Does “now” mean at this moment, at my son’s age, at my current job? Take your pick. On any given day, at any given moment, I might disagree with myself that being a working parent is “worth it.” But as I said, at present, it is for me. The woes are not surprising or unexpected, and every working parent deals with them: the cost of childcare, the inability to be multiple places at one time, the guilt (for you name it),... Read More

How to Get Over Your Guilt Complex by Mommyish

 A post by one of our favorite mom bloggers of Mommyish. When was the last time you scolded yourself for not spending enough time with your kids? Or freaked out because you were serving frozen chicken nuggets yet again? Or dreamed of keeping a clean house, while tripping over discarded Lego bits and piles of grass-stained laundry. If you’re like most moms, you probably heap this guilt upon yourself on a daily basis—feeling bad about not being... Read More

Why Don’t We Give Ourselves Credit?

I am Supermom. I awoke at 6:30 a.m. with my son. Took care of morning essentials (kisses, diaper change, breakfast, clean-up, participated in a requested dance-a-thon). Spoke to the super about lack of hot water. Am in the midst of six loads of laundry (okay, I let it go…but now I’m handling the situation). Spoke to a contractor about problems with some work being done. Ordered from Fresh Direct (a luxury I am allowing myself this week, just because—and... Read More