Stuff We Like: Martha Stewart’s Blackberries and Oregano Pie

This gorgeous pie combines the sweetness of blackberries with a savory note of oregano, all wrapped up in a flaky, handmade pie crust. Since July is typically peak picking season for blackberries (find where to pick your own here), a Fourth of July barbecue would be the perfect time to debut this sweet treat. Whether you opt for traditional treats like burgers (get a recipe for Teriyaki Burgers), get creative with watermelon, or opt to go vegan,... Read More

Stuff We Like: Just for Dads

“When I get stuck on my homework, he helps me.” “He does good voices.” “When I’m sad, he cheers me.” “He gives me a lot of kisses and huggies.” What makes your dad special?, a Shutterfly site, asked a few kids what they thought about their dads, in honor of Father’s Day. Their answers are heartwarming, precious, and sometimes maybe a bit too honest (leave it to our little ones to tell it like it is!). Watch the full... Read More

Stuff We Like: A New Children’s Book About Queens

A new ABC book for kids, which has garnered tons of support on Kickstarter, celebrates the best things about Queens. Find out how you can add your favorite thing about the borough to the book!   What’s the coolest thing about Queens? What childhood memory sticks out in your mind? Where’s your favorite place to take your kids today? A soon-to-be-published children’s book titled Q is for Queens aims to highlight all the great things NYC’s... Read More

Stuff We Like: Gifts for Mother’s Day

What do you think is the world’s toughest job? According to the viral video “World’s Toughest Job,” produced by, it goes a little something like this: 135-plus hours a week, willingness to forgo any breaks, ability to manage a minimum of 10-15 projects at one time, and the responsibility to oversee the overall day-to-day success and development of all associates, who are fully dependent on you. Sound familiar?... Read More

Stuff We Like: Earth Day Finds

Earth Day is April 22. Celebrate the holiday with these earthy finds encouraging a green thumb or promoting green living, and don’t forget to get outside and appreciate nature!   Green Thumb Your little one doesn’t have to get dirty to enjoy gardening with the Lakeshore Learning Color Match Learning Garden ($29.99). The plush, machine-washable toy encourages color matching. The garden, which is segmented into colors with a coordinating... Read More

Stuff We Like: Snacks & Skillets

Craving something spicy, sweet, or nutty? We’ve put together a list of the yummiest snacks that have come across our desks recently, including spicy specialty pickles, whole-grain and low-cal cookies, and granola with just the right amount of crunch. And while these picks are delicious, we know that a parent can’t live on snacks alone, so check out the sleek and affordable new wok set that will help you whip up family dinners in no time.   Love... Read More

Stuff We Like: Scrapbooking Supplies

Creating a scrapbook is a wonderful craft activity when you’re stuck inside on a rainy or snowy day with your little ones. Scrapbooks are fun to put together, but best of all is the end result: a long-lasting reminder of precious, funny, exciting, or lovely everyday moments spent with family and loved ones. Here are a few products to add to your scrapbooking supply box:   The Big Shot The award-winning Sizzix Big Shot Machine ($119 for... Read More

Stuff We Like: For Traveling with Kids

Planning a family vacation? Got an antsy kid? Here, we’ve picked the best products to stash in your bag when traveling with children:   The Lifesaver They call this the TrayKit (ages 3 and older; $39.95) we call it a lifesaver. This all-in-one kid’s carry-on functions as a backpack in which your child can stash her travel essentials (how grown-up she’ll feel being responsible for her own stuff!)—and onboard, it transforms into an... Read More

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