This Weekend: A Seasonal Event that’s Multi-Generational, Multi-Cultural

I’ve been going for a few years with my family to the cherry blossom festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden—we bring a picnic, enjoy the longed for warmer air, take lots of pictures under the beautifully blooming trees, and let my little guy run around and around. Even my grandmother gets in on the act; she’s the quintessential people watcher (you know, the senior citizen who peers out the window from behind curtains all day, who doesn’t... Read More

Holiday Traditions, Old and New

I grew up in a tiny family, my husband in a large one. While the celebrations of his youth were characterized by a lot more noise and a lot more food than mine, both of ours were centered around family and an abundance of love. Both of ours, too, were made all the more memorable by uniquely special mothers. Now that we have our own nuclear family—and at 3, my son is just discovering the joys of Christmas this year—we wanted to start some traditions... Read More