21st Century Parenting Thought Leaders

Every field has its thought leaders—individuals who are out ahead of the curve, blazing new trails with research and revolutionary ideas, challenging old wisdom. On Monday I was fortunate to listen in as five thought leaders in the world of parenting addressed a crowd of a few hundred (mostly mothers, a scattering of fathers, and some journalists as well) at the 92nd Street Y on the Upper East Side at a conference headlined “What Do You Really... Read More

When Priorities Shift

My son with his grandmother (left) and his great grandmother (right), who lives at home with us Balancing work and family is the top challenge working moms (54 percent) face in 2013, and only 14 percent think they are good at both being a mom and a good employee, reveals a new survey released this week by Working Mother magazine and Chase Card Services. As the report says: “Our respondents are…dedicated to finding a semblance of the... Read More

Multiple Layers of Reality

We wake up every day with a laundry list of things to do—some so ingrained we forget they’re even “things to do,” like brushing our teeth, others literally checked off a scribbled list of reminders, like “pick up fish for dinner.” As parents, our lists are too long to get through on any given day, something we stress about far too much. To be honest, I don’t even want to list our many mutual tasks here because I don’t want to think... Read More

Working Parent Woes, and Why They’re Worth It for Me (Now)

Does “now” mean at this moment, at my son’s age, at my current job? Take your pick. On any given day, at any given moment, I might disagree with myself that being a working parent is “worth it.” But as I said, at present, it is for me. The woes are not surprising or unexpected, and every working parent deals with them: the cost of childcare, the inability to be multiple places at one time, the guilt (for you name it),... Read More

I Need Five More Hours in Every Day (at Least)

A big part of my job for years has been to help those who work for and with me to prioritize, and I pride myself on generally being good at that myself. I don’t often panic (though when I do, watch out!). And I don’t let much phase me. I am good at zooming in to the details and out to the big picture, knowing when to say no, when to just DO something (no more talking, meetings, or thinking!) and when I absolutely must recharge. But no... Read More

Why Don’t We Give Ourselves Credit?

I am Supermom. I awoke at 6:30 a.m. with my son. Took care of morning essentials (kisses, diaper change, breakfast, clean-up, participated in a requested dance-a-thon). Spoke to the super about lack of hot water. Am in the midst of six loads of laundry (okay, I let it go…but now I’m handling the situation). Spoke to a contractor about problems with some work being done. Ordered from Fresh Direct (a luxury I am allowing myself this week, just because—and... Read More