Bragging Rights: Yours, Mine, Every Parent’s

Our Constitution guarantees us freedom of speech—and as far as I’m concerned, that includes parental bragging rights. I’m not one of those obnoxious parents who touts my child’s every last feat to every person I meet, nor do I post hourly video updates of his antics to my Facebook page. But I do boast when it’s called for, and I do share milestone albums on Facebook, funny exchanges on Twitter… Yesterday, for instance:   My 3yo just... Read More

21st Century Parenting Thought Leaders

Every field has its thought leaders—individuals who are out ahead of the curve, blazing new trails with research and revolutionary ideas, challenging old wisdom. On Monday I was fortunate to listen in as five thought leaders in the world of parenting addressed a crowd of a few hundred (mostly mothers, a scattering of fathers, and some journalists as well) at the 92nd Street Y on the Upper East Side at a conference headlined “What Do You Really... Read More

Powerful HBO Film on Divorce, Debuting Tonight, Opens a Window to My Past

The powerful, 30-minute documentary “Don’t Divorce Me!” which debuts on HBO September 20, features more than 20 kids like this boy who poignantly, honestly lay emotions bare—and set ground rules for their separated parents. Don’t Divorce Me! Kids’ Rules for Parents on Divorce, premiering September 20 exclusively on HBO, is a half-hour of raw emotion and heartfelt honesty that should be watched by all parents, but especially... Read More

Who Invited Mean Mom to Hang Out With Us by Mama Bird Diaries

I hate when I’m mean to one of my kids. I didn’t do something awful—like tell them Barbie dolls come alive at night to nip at their heels while they sleep. Even typing that makes me a little frightened to close my eyes tonight. But I was not nice. We were late for school. After we parked, I told Dylan to grab her backpack out of the car and then I, along with Dylan, Summer, and the twins made our way to the building. In case you need... Read More

My (Most Recent) Bad Mommy Moment by Foodie City Mom

Kimberly launched Foodie City Mom in 2011 where she shares her personal collection of recipes, highlights of her favorite NYC products and events, and shares her thoughts on being a parent in the city, including this piece where she reveals that no parent is perfect. Read More  Read More