Top Tweets of the Week: Aug. 11-17

Today is my birthday, and as I think of what milestones this new age will bring, I also reminisce on those of the past. Though I can’t remember the first time I used a toilet or the last time I took an afternoon nap, I’m sure my mother can, and that she felt the same emotions as our top tweeters this week. Unlike @daddysweeney’s son, though, I never hid from the camera—I’ve been a ham since day one, and there are photos to prove it.


Aww, how sweet. (Pun intended.) 

Enjoy those carefree naps while you can, because sooner or later you’ll be mourning their loss just like @DadandBuried in the blog post below… 

We’ll miss you.

Look on the bright side: they’re not swallowing it!

Wait until he’s a teenager and uses pounds of hair gel to achieve that look. 

With or without ketchup? What’s the weirdest child relic you’ve found in your purse?

From the inspirational #likeagirl movement came another thought provoking statement from @mommyshorts: “It’s important to praise boys for being sensitive and nurturing, just like we praise girls for being strong.” Follow the link to see photos of boys being boys!

Candid photos can be even more precious. Find tips from PhotoOp NYC photographer Rob DeSantos on how to soothe a camera-shy child to get your kid’s face in the picture!

The dialogue of parenting is not one that can be written and rehearsed ahead of time. To follow up, @DadNCharge: did they listen? 

Congratulations! There should be an award show for parenting milestones like this. 

So cute and colorful—we’re glad you enjoyed the free cityMANIs at Fridays for Fidi Families!

The world lost a great actor and a great man. Robin Williams’s fun-loving nature touched many; follow the link to read one NYC mother’s story of a memorable run-in.


FYI: This Sunday, Aug. 24 is National Waffle Day, so I hope to share some photos of culinary creations or stories of breakfast disasters in next week’s edition of Top Tweets. Do your kids prefer waffles or pancake? Sausage or bacon? Let us know, and look for your tweet next week!


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