Top Tweets of the Week: Aug. 4-10

It’s the last month of summer, but there’s still time for family vacations—including incredibly lengthy ones, apparently, and ones that require the home cooking you thought you were getting a break from. If you don’t want to deal with dishes after dinner, take a page from @citymomsecrets book and let the kids eat off your lap. 


What took you so long?

Ooh, let’s make a T-shirt out of this one! #PregnancyProblems

At least there were no dishes to wash, right? Follow the link to see @citymomsecrets as a human buffet.

You can get your screaming kids to read everywhere, too by following these tips to encourage reading for fun!

Every cloud has a chardonnay silver lining. 

You’ll always be her baby! …who is susceptible to rare, life-threatening diseases.

Our sympathy; been there, done that. #MomentOfWeakness

You tell ‘em, @AmateurIdiot.

Sibling logic.

Maybe you should have offered to help with the dishes, @mbyhoff!

“When you’re old enough, I’ll teach you about the five second rule.”

We applaud you for undertaking such an ambitious adventure, @RLSoo. Wow.


We hope you all survive your family trips! To capture the memories in all their glory, create a vacation scrapbook full of photos and mementos. For inspiration, see these tips from two pros—at scrapbooking and at parenting—on how to get started.


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