Top Tweets of the Week: Jan. 12-18

Aside from @MyStrangeFam with her amazing beach photo—where was that vacation destination?!—we’ve all been dealing with the winter weather lately. This means fun things, like sledding and skiing, and not-so-fun things, like being kept inside all day due to the cold. Fortunately, we have ways to make both options better: guides to winter sports and activities!

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What a beautiful photo.

You don’t need a hill for sledding when you have a father to pull you along!

Can I have some?

Wow—congratulations to her; and thank you for providing all of those books!

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Winter makes it too easy to be sedentary. Get moving with these fun ways to keep kids active in cold weather!

Now at 950 comments and counting—what do you think? “… I don’t believe kids need a security detail every time they leave the house. When society thinks they do — and turns that fear into law — loving, rational parents get arrested.”

Have a natural on your hands? Practice your skills at these ski and snowboard destinations in the NY metro area.

Such a wonderful mantra; and you two look quite cute in your winter hats and scarves!


@thenewyorkmom and her daughter prove that it is possible to be stylish even in cold weather, but being brave, strong, and smart is even more important!


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