Top Tweets of the Week: Jan. 5-11

My parents live in the South, and they are enjoying a winter that is much, much warmer than ours on the East Coast. Every time I talk to my mother on the phone, she asks what I’m wearing, offering to send me fuzzy mittens, leather gloves, an embarrassing hat with bear ears I used to wear as a child, to help fend off the New York City chill. @TimFederle’s app idea would save me many a “Mom. I’m fine; I have like four layers on, and I wouldn’t be able to text in mittens, and I can’t believe you kept that hat, we’ve moved three times.” But, like @betterwaymoms’s post expresses, my mom is not my friend, she is my mother—and she does a pretty darn good job at it.


Oh, to be young and in love!

“I just feel strongly that kids need parenting instead of a buddy who doesn’t want her kid to be mad at her.”

They’re testing your reflexes.

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We like having visitors in the office!

And one that messages that we are wearing SPF 30 (at least) whenever the sun shines.

Happy birthday! Will you/did you make a smash cake for the birthday girl? I’m partial to this lion cake—almost too cute to eat.

Looks like quite the ride!

Nothing like a text from Mom to brighten my day—though mine is more partial to British crime shows on Netflix.

I’ll tolerate the snow for moments like this!


There isn’t any snowfall in the immediate forecast, but when it comes (as it most certainly will) I’ll make sure to send my mom a text message. Warm hands, warm heart, thinking of you!


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