Top Tweets of the Week (July 21-27)

It is almost August. Can you believe it? Have your kids spent more time this summer in front of a screen or playing outside? With so much technology available to keep us occupied, it’s easy to forget there are a million ways to have fun outdoors. When everyone is all tuckered out, take a nap! Adults included.


Can we get snack time at work, too?

Morning solitude is hard to come by. Enjoy it while you can, @DaddysinCharge!

*slow clap*

Summer 2014: iPads vs. Playgrounds. Which will win?

We understand, @sleepingonedge. What you have to do is just let it go. Let it go, let it go…let it goooo! Whoops.

Anyone found a way to be successful at this? (Keep them away from the glitter-covered crafts, if not.) #fairwarning

Being a toddler is tough. #thestruggleisreal

Did you also share Pooh’s affinity for honey, @MommieKnwsFresh?

America’s Next Top Model, tween edition.

If that’s not a spitting image, I don’t know what is. (But seriously, what is a “spitting image?”)

If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. Come on, @MothaNature.

Sick at camp? Or just sick of camp? Follow these tips to to figure out why your child isn’t having the time of their life at summer camp.


P.S. July 29 is National Lasagna Day. Bust out the traditional pasta recipe, or try something new and funky like this breakfast lasagna made with layers of fruit, corn flakes, and yogurt!


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