Top Tweets of the Week: July 28-Aug. 3

We made it through the #facebookdown apocalypse that occurred last week! For anyone else who works in social media, you’ll recall the near-panic that enveloped the online community. For mothers of teenagers who never look away from their smartphone screens, though, you may have enjoyed those 45 minutes of face-to-face contact. Or maybe you were too busy washing the dog to notice!


What’s cuter: the kids washing the dog, or the dog covered in soap bubbles?

If we can survive the #facebookdown incident of August 3rd, we can survive anything. Bring on the zombies.

For more inspiration, read the stories of these everyday heroes: children and adults with disabilities who are not letting their diagnoses define them.

Show of hands from parents who have also experienced this phenomenon.

Lodge your tongue firmly in your cheek before reading this. Then enjoy!

When I was a teen, seeing old goofy photos of my mom would probably just enforce her dorkiness.

At least the kid knows his/her shapes!

Kids may be younger than you, but they know a thing or two about living—and enjoying—life.

This play on Katy Perry’s song “Dark Horse” should be printed on Mother’s Day cards.

For more tips on traveling with kids, see our article on how to stop backseat whining.


Is anyone else still in disbelief that it’s already August? May Facebook bless us the rest of this month with continual service.


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