Top Tweets of the Week (Monday, April 8)


Sorry for shouting. I’m a wee bit excited. I’ve been waiting for this day since…well, since the last day of summer, pretty much. I love seasons, and I wouldn’t give up fall or winter for anything, but c’mon, who doesn’t love a glorious spring day? So I won’t keep you for too long, because you should really be enjoying this glorious weather, but here’s a small sampling of hilarious/awesome/wonderful tweets from this week!

Remember what we talked about last week? April is Autism Awareness Month. Autism Speaks is running an awesome campaign to raise awareness, complete with turning the Empire State Building blue!

And speaking of autism, if you’re the parent of a child with special needs, don’t forget to check out our Spring issue of Special Parent magazine, chock-full of resources, expert advice, personal stories and helpful products for kids with special needs and their family members.


#workingmomproblems part two.

Embracing Spring like this is part of what made the season finally show its face today, I’m sure of it! So thank you, is what I mean to say.

And writing about spring clothes! This also changes the weather. It’s statically proven (probably…maybe…) I mean, I wore brightly colored shirts to the office all of last week as a desperate ploy to convince Spring to come out of hiding, and I believe my efforts contributed to the gorgeous weather we’re having today, so I think you can totally take some credit!

This is an awesome personal essay from a mom who is standing behind her badass daughter, regardless of society’s perceptions of gender roles.

And here’s an accompanying piece from the NYT, talking about other ways we can recast expectations and gender roles and why it’s important to do so. Great find from our editorial director!

This new blog is sweeping the internet, both amongst parents and non-parents…do you think it’s hilarious? We know it’s sorta mean, but c’mon, you’ve gotta laugh…right??

If the “Reasons My Son Is Crying” blog didn’t make you laugh, please tell me this tweet did…I honestly cackled at my desk — my coworkers were alarmed!

This is why we love New York, right? Choices!

Today is Yom haShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. Your kids may be too young to learn about this now, but start thinking about how you’d like to teach them about important (yet sometimes horrifying) historical events when they’re old enough to learn…that day will come sooner than you think and you definitely want to have something prepared!

Enjoy the warm weather, friends, and keep tweeting…we’ll see ya next week, same time, same blog!

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