Top Tweets of the Week (Monday, December 3)

Well look at that, it’s December! I’ve been waiting for you, you cold little holiday filled month, and yet you always manage to sneak up and catch me off guard. For me, December means holidays and families and ice skating and hot chocolate and perfection — I love winter. But you know what I love just as much, maybe even a little bit more, than the snowy season? Clever tweets! So let’s read some from this week, shall we? We shall.

I have to be honest, there are certain things I remain purposefully ignorant about, and Gangnam Style is one of them. I don’t even know if I want to it go away forever and ever because I truly don’t know what it is, and I think that’s okay! But it is a little awkward every time I encounter it in the world because I feel a little out of the loop. It’s okay though. It’s okay.

Remember when this happened? Do you have a friend who picked an even stranger name? I’m not sure I believe you but if you think you do please tell us about it @NYMetroParents!

Oh boy, we’ve been debating this question around the office for the past week. With great holiday spirit, comes great responsibility…to deal with the flu. How do you feel about shots?

Another hot topic! This may be the most debate-filled tweet beat ever to be published, and I love it! Pick a side and let us know your true feelings — don’t be shy! (I’m certainly not.)

Oh dear lord, Holiday Pinterest boards. You light up my life. And yet…

…you also totally depress me, because I know you’re never getting done. I heard a rumor that The Next Martha actually does do a lot of Pinterest crafts, and I am truly impressed.

What else does the holiday season mean to me, besides Pinterest? Holiday cards of course! This adorable image is one of our family favorites — how cute?!

Not everything about December holidays is cute, though. For example if my future children ask this question I will probably freeze in shock, then refuse to discuss it because we’re Jewish and Santa isn’t appropriate dinner table conversation while the menorah burns brightly next to us (just kidding, of course — don’t worry, I will never censor my child’s interest in Santa, I promise.)

We already told you about all the toy drives you can donate to this holiday season, but this project is really really cool and so easy to participate in. Check out the Secret Sandy site to help a child who lost a lot thanks to Hurricane Sandy. Thanks Bryce for the heads up on this!

And okay, I couldn’t resist. Yes it’s the holiday season and yes I want to talk about spirit and joy and Christmahannukwanza, but I am also more than a little bit excited about this royal baby, and am loving all the moms tweeting and instagramming at Kate to let her know what to expect. Thank you Jennifer, for reminding us that when it comes to stars getting pregnant, we’re all the same — and can all look forward to the same delicious rewards of pregnancy!
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