Top Tweets of the Week (Monday, February 11)

There’s a lot going on today in the twittersphere, what with #TF13, #92YParenting, #kvdigitalkids…not to mention #GRAMMYS recaps & #Pope news. And now you can add this tweet roundup to the mix of things to engage with today — enjoy!

Speaking of news, let’s start this roundup with some historical stuff — namely, Facebook’s 9 year birthday which occurred last week. When did you first hop on the Book…and do you sometimes wish you hadn’t?

The Dad 2.0 Summit wrapped up on Feb. 2 and there were a LOT of amazing tweets (#Dad2Summit) and wrap-ups to go through. If you have more to say about you learned at the summit feel free to tweet at us — we’re hoping this conversation can keep going year round!

This is scientifically proven. Don’t ask me about the science part of it, but I know it’s a fact that no mom has ever said this. Spot on, BORED Mommy. Spot on.

We discovered a bunch of new recipe-driven blogs to follow this week, and Lori’s is one of our new favorites. This recipe is just an example of her many delicious dishes — be sure to check her out!

This made us giggle — we all want to give our kids the best opportunities, but sometimes it feels overwhelming and crazy! Is anyone trying to create Yo Yo Ma?! Still, we loved the encouragement The Next Martha received from fellow parents via encouraging tweets — why not give our kids the best we can, right?! We bet Yo Yo Ma’s parents weren’t trying to create Yo Yo Ma either, right? ;)

Speaking of kids learning, this is true. Not all kids will be Yo Yo Ma, but every single human can make the world a better place, one caring deed at a time.

This is a big deal — will the Boy Scouts make the right decision and land on the right side of history? We love Rene’s take on the issue.

We have a feeling this might be relevant to your interests, as a parent currently on a blog who may write a blog yourself…do you agree with Guerrilla Mom? We like her bluntness and her opinion!

Oy, the NYC bus strike is affecting kids and parents in the worst ways, especially during bad weather conditions. When will this end? How are you coping?

LOVE this enthusiasm about snow — bad weather isn’t always cause for panic! We hope you had a lovely snowy weekend and that you enjoyed lots of chocolate and crafting (the best C’s out there)!

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