Top Tweets of the Week (Monday, February 18)

Wow, so much has happened since we last caught up. Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, my discovery of White Chocolate Peanut Butter…the world is a different place! But you’ve been there the whole time, tweeting your hearts out. Thanks for always being perfect — without further ado, here are some favorites from this week!

Remember Valentine’s Day? Boy does that seem like a million years ago! Did you let your kids eat all their candy? Did you eat most of their candy? I’m personally still logging workouts sponsored by Valentine’s Day candy. Probably I’ll be doing so until Easter…

I really love this DIY frame project — I think it’s the perfect gift any day of the year (and isn’t it always appropriate to tell your loved ones you love them?).

This article was great — found myself nodding to myself at all of the tips.

Crowdsourcing on social media is my absolute favorite thing, no questions asked. Or, I guess, a lot of questions asked — to the crowd!

I vote we make 2013 Random Acts of Kindness Year and insist that everyone do super kind things for other humans every single day. All in favor, go be nice!

Warning: This was a really tough read. Honestly, it was creepy and depressing to learn what others are capable of — but I think it’s very important and a good wakeup call for parents who post a lot of info and photos about their kids on the internet. The world is, unfortunately, not always a happy safe place.

Cheers to this!

I don’t think this is a no-brainer at all — both options are super enticing. What say you, dear readers? I think at the end of the day I’d go for a new camera, but honestly I’m already feeling bummed about giving up the wine club…thoughts/feelings?

We at NYMetroParents absolutely LOVE Bully, and we’re psyched to learn about a new initiative from our friends who are behind such a powerful movie.

Sigh. Ain’t that the truth.

Happy fort building, friends! See ya next week.

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