Top Tweets of the Week (Monday, February 25)

Did you watch the Oscars last night? I didn’t, and I have to be honest, I’m not that sad — based on your tweets it doesn’t seem like I missed much. So please excuse the fact that this post-Oscar edition of Tweet Beat is light on actual Oscar-tweets…it’s just that everything else you have to say is so much more interesting than a bunch of celebs dressed up in fashion “dos” and “don’ts”! This week we’re focusing on a lot of blog posts (along with the usual hilarious/adorable/perfect one-liners) because sometimes it takes more than 140 characters to say what you’ve gotta say.

I’m feeling this today…though my drug of choice is tea, it’s the same end result! Caffeine!

If you’re in Insta-fiend, make sure you’re following these lovely ladies on your feed.

I love when bookstores make jokes! Four for you, McNally Jackson!

Would you ever put your family on a reality show? Avital N. Nathman has wise words about her thought process when she was offered.

A beautiful reminder that we could all stand to listen to a bit more — live in the moment!

And another beautiful blog post, this one about daydreaming. Living in the moment and giving kids (and grownups!) time to use their brains organically? I’m so into these words.

Does this post resonate with you? I have a feeling a lot of humans can relate to diet being a four letter word.

Congrats to Holly for joining the baking club! This post made me want to run home and bake brownies instead of attending all my meetings today!

This business does indeed rock — my inbox often looks very similar! Including emails from NYMetroParents, because yes I send myself reminder emails at work. What of it?!

BUT THIS IS SO CUTE! Look back at the memory today and smile — it’s been a whole 3 days, right?! ;)


Is award season over now? I have no idea. But don’t worry, Twitter Award Season will never be over! See ya next week, folks.

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