Top Tweets of the Week (Monday, January 14)

Today’s Tweet Beat is all about feelings about Mondays, adorable things little kids say and do, new projects and new opportunities, and French Macaroons. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling good about this week already!

Personally I kind of love Mondays also — the routine is soothing and my work is rewarding. Any other parents feel relieved when the traditional work week begins again?

Honestly unsure what I would do if I saw this. I thought the weirdest stuff happened in New York, but Charlie proves that LA can be kind of strange, too.


If life only consisted of cute things children said, I think the world would be a much happier (and funnier!) place.

Based on my statement above, I believe our editorial director is just doing her part to make the world a happier and funnier place.

Okay I also support looking to kids for fashion decisions. Why can’t I wear a Cinderella dress out to dinner with Crocs? That sounds like excellent Friday attire.

I would say I have this thought approximately once a day, if not more. If you ever find someone to deliver, please pass on our office’s address!

This is so important — spread the word!

And here’s another neat platform/project — started by kids! — designed to raise Autism awareness: The Six Degree Project. Check out their site and see if you have any connections you can use to help them. You know what they say about six degrees of separation!

A big congratulations to one of our favorite mom bloggers (though she’s no longer just a mom blogger!) on her site’s redesign and refocus. Cheers to big new things in 2013!

Hey New York mamas! Check this out — I bet many of you would be perfect for this performance! Auditions are in February. If you get chosen be sure to let me know so we can publicize it to our local readers!
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