Top Tweets of the Week (Monday, March 18)

You know, I keep thinking it’s almost Spring, and then Mother Nature keeps throwing snow (or rain, or hail, or weird stuff falling from the sky) my way. Did I miss the memo? Is mid-March still winter? I thought the first day of Spring already happened! Isn’t it almost April? I guess that only signifies that showers are on the way…do I really have to wait until May to see the flowers? Sigh. Have you seen any signs of Spring lately or are we all in this winter wonderland together?

Let’s forget the weather for a while (is there anything more boring that blogging about the weather? I’m so sorry everyone, please forgive me…) and focus on your funny tweets, because as always there were some great ones this week. Onward, through the snow!

YES! Yes I am intrigued! Who wants to go to this exhibit let’s go right now!

Mine does too…can I still do it even if I missed “Organize Your Home Office Day”? Mine is a work office, not a home office, so maybe I’m okay!

I dunno about the rest of you, but I would never say no to a photo of fresh-out-of-the-oven bread…I mean I might beg you to deliver it to our offices and perch it on my messy desk, but that would be fine, right??

Sigh, that’s our editorial director, Wonder Woman Extraordinaire, crossing every single item off her 200+ page to-do lists every day. Dawn, is it awkward when we — by which I mean, me — gush about you via Twitter? I just have a really great boss, y’all.

It was so fun to see what all our followers did for #PiDay on Twitter…personally we ate a lot a of pie. That seemed like a great way to celebrate.

I’m with you, as evidenced by my opening paragraph about the weather! Where are you dying to go??

Hey, if you can’t complain to your tweeps, who can you complain to?!

AMEN. Such an important topic.

What, you don’t need 453 more Pharaoh’s heads? ;)

Ha, both kids sound adorable! I wish I could bribe anyone in my life by loaning out my scarves…I find myself bargaining in cupcakes though, so maybe I’ve still got it easy.

And with that folks I’m heading off into the snowy slushy evening…be sure to send your hilarious tweets my way and I’ll be back to do it all over again next week! Maybe by then I’ll see some signs of Spring.

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