Top Tweets of the Week Nov. 24-30

Welcome to December! Who else had a white Thanksgiving last week? You could have fooled me into thinking it was Christmas when I looked out the window in the morning from my brother’s house in Ohio where my family spent the holiday. I was thankful I didn’t have to shovel the driveway! Judging from your tweets, you all had wonderful Thanksgivings.


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Visiting the mall during the holidays IS brave—anyone have a crazy Black Friday experience?

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He’s a shovel master!

That’s one turkey that is way too cute to eat.

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When you play with family, everyone wins.

Did you catch it in person or on TV? What was the favorite balloon?

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Family is at the top of my Thankful List, too.

Run, gobble, run!

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What a fun holiday tradition.

Best. Mix-up. Ever.


Just because Thanksgiving is over doesn’t mean you have to stop being thankful. Check out all the neat volunteer opportunities in your area to contribute to your community year-round. Check off some items on your shopping list by purchasing gifts that give back. And while it’s tempting to spoil your children rotten over the holidays, make sure to teach kids to be grateful and keep the charitable feeling going all year!


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