Weekly We Round-Up: Week of February 8, 2013

This toddler has amazing trick shot skills. If he keeps it up, he may have a basketball scholarship in his future.

What would it take to get your teen off social media and spend time with their real, living, breathing friends and family? Paul Baier made an agreement with his 14-year-old daughter, then they signed a contract saying that if she stayed off Facebook for six months, she would receive $200.


Speaking of social media… Twitter is benefiting a second grade class in Buffalo, NY. The students are  using the tweets of NFL players to practice editing grammar and spelling.



We found this video on Mommy Shorts, who says, “It is, in a word, AWESOME.Bianca Giaever, a radio, multimedia, and film producer, talked to a 6-year-old boy about what he would make a movie about. The result is this cute, funny, and quirky video about Asa Bear and Toby Mouse, and they boy gives some very insightful advice about being scared: “The Scared is scared of things you like, so I was scared of a monster so I thought of pizza and juice and meringues and a cookie.”

the Scared is scared from Bianca Giaever on Vimeo.


Huggies Pull-Ups created the First Flush movementto motivate parents and children to start potty training. They recently hosted a First Flush celebration in Times Square, right near our office! Check out how they showed kids how much fun flushing the potty can be.


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