Weekly Web Round-Up: Six-figure nannies, dinosaur tails (Friday, March 23)

First things first: This fake product advertisement was posted as a “bad idea.” We hope that no children (or cowboys) were harmed in the creation of this image. (via Neato Bambino)

The New York Times this week talked about nannies who make around six figures a year.

“How does a nanny earn more than the average pediatrician? The simple answer is hard work — plus a strange seller’s market that follows a couple of quirky economic principles. A typical high-priced nanny effectively signs her (and they are almost always women) life over to the family she works for.”

And how do you put a price on childcare, anyway?

“Actually, nanny prices might be even more misleading than the wine market. They also bear resemblance to “credence goods,” an economic term for something — whether a jar of vitamins or an auto tuneup — whose true value can never quite be determined. You’re more likely to overpay for a credence good in the hope that a higher cost increases the likelihood of a benefit.”

Quick! Check out this cute craft project and grab some felt for a weekend activity for you and your kids. Who doesn’t want their very own dinosaur tail?

Finally, Huffington Post asked this week: How young is too young to pierce a child’s ears? Is this just a culture clash? Check out the comments for a grab bag of perspectives on a controversial topic. Or tell us what you think in the comments!



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