Weekly Web Round-Up: Week of December 28, 2012

With the whirlwind of end-of-the-year holidays almost over (Happy early New Year to you all!), websites are churning out year in review, best-of, and resolution lists—if you’re going to make resolutions this year, our advice is to make ones that are easy to keep like spending more time with your kids, or having dinner as a family at least once a week.
We’ve combed through all of that and culled out our top picks in the parenting world. Well, okay, we have one best-of video mash-up, but who could resist the cute kids who went viral this year in one video?! We’ve also got extreme helicopter parents, what’s in your diaper bag, the next generation of STOMP, and why the ban on Russian adoptions is bad for all involved.

What was your favorite viral video featuring the cute antics of kiddos? Was it the twins bopping to their dad playing his guitar, or maybe the baby boy trying to fight sleep? Either way, you’ll definitely enjoy Huffington Post’s video Cute Viral Baby Videos of 2012.



Aubrey Ireland, a 21-year-old music theater student
at the College-Conservatory of Music, recently convinced a Cincinnati court to grant her a stalking order against her parents, who admitted to installing monitoring software on Aubrey’s computer and cell phone.

Despite her good grades and success in musical shows, David and Julie Ireland often drove 600 miles from Leawood, Kan., to visit their daughter unannounced. They accused her of using illegal drugs, promiscuity and suffering from mental woes. She insisted none of that was true and asked them to stop, but their accusations escalated. They informed her department head she had mental issues that could force them to go to court to have her treated.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you side with the daughter or with the parents?


Joel Stein, writer and contributor to Babble Voices, always forgets the diaper bag for his 3 1/2-year-old son, but his wife never forget it. So Stein decides to see what exactly is in the diaper bag, “based on its name, I’m guessing there are diapers in there. And wipes, even though he just uses toilet paper at school.” Here are a few items in the bag, along with Steins comments on them:

12)  Purell Santitizing Hand Wipe (1)
My guess is: Germ-X for serious situations, like when he’s touched other human beings. Purell for less extreme scenarios, such as touching books. Wet ones must be a germophobic disgestif, used to clean off the Purell or Germ-X.

13) Plastic fork
He rarely uses a fork when he has a fork.


This 10-year-old is turning out some sick beats on a…washing machine? Keep an eye out for this musical mastermind, he may just be part of the next generation of STOMP.


Have you heard in the news that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to end U.S. citizens adopting Russian children? This come from some instances of children dying, being committed to institutions for being “too difficult to manage,” and even one parent sending their child back to Russia.  Lisa Milbrand explains why this is bad news.

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The biggest tragedy of this ban is that it means that 1,000 more children each year will join the 700,000 other orphans currently wasting away in Russian orphanages, with no opportunity to join a family. …It also means that 1,000 American families each year will lose the opportunity to become parents–a fact that’s going to be even more devastating for the thousands of families who are currently in process to adopt from Russia, and may have already seen a picture or even visited with the child that they hoped to adopt.


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