Weekly Web Round-Up: Week of January 18, 2013

With a forecast of FREEZING for this weekend and little snow since Old Man Winter showed up, why not stay inside a create what Mother Nature isn’t giving us: a small world full of your favorite things and SNOW! Boutique Café has a DIY tutorial for creating snow globes. So gather the supplies and the kiddos around the table and craft to your heart’s content.

This one’s a real tear-jerker. Seriously, I’m a sucker for stories about children advocating for their older or younger siblings who have special needs. Meet Cayden and Connor Long, the brother triathlon team that Sports Illustrated Kids named SportsKids of the Year.



Are you struggling to get your kids to eat new and unusual foods? We foundRino, a Japanese girl whose mom cooks her foods from all over the world and video tapes her trying them for the first time, on Buzz Feed. This girl hasn’t met a food she didn’t love.  Each video shows shots of Mom preparing the food and then presenting it to Rino, who delightfully eats everything with gusto.


With President Obama’s inauguration coming up on Monday, this video, Hear Our Voice: A Children’s/Youth Inaugural Address, is especially poignant. Children ages 5-25 tell Mr. President what issues they want him to address in his next four years in office.

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