Weekly Web Round-Up: Week of March 1, 2013

What would it take for you to let someone else choose your unborn child’s name? For one woman, it was $5,000. Natasha Hill, a 26-year-old from Los Angeles, entered a contest on Belly Ballot for the chance to win $5,000 in exchange for letting the Internet name her child.

Though leaving the fate of your child’s name to strangers on the Internet might seem risky, Belly Ballot’s business is rooted in the idea that parents often turn to social media for help selecting a name. Indeed, parents have auctioned baby names on eBay, left the decision to a Facebook poll, and in the case of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, sent a mass email seeking suggestions.

“Crowd-sourcing your baby’s name, in terms of gathering ideas and gauging reactions, is a natural in this era of mass interaction,” said Pam Satran, baby name expert and co-founder of Nameberry.com.

Hill herself said she isn’t worried that her baby will be saddled with a bizarre moniker. “I think people will do the right thing and vote for something unique and nice,” she told HuffPost, adding that she isn’t picky and rarely comes across a name she dislikes. In fact, Hill prefers unusual names — her favorites are Keturah for a girl and Winter for a boy — and she joked that her child will probably end up with something much more “reasonable” if the public chooses it.


You know who has some really great dance moves? Moms. And in honor of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, she and Jimmy Fallon created The Evolution of Mom Dancing. All I can say is: FLOTUS, will you teach me how to Dougie?


Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss! Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Are you doing anything fun with your kids to celebrate? You can check out our calendar for some fun Seuss-themed story hours in your area. If there are no Seuss events in your area, just curl up with the kiddos and a stack of Dr. Seuss’ books. And when you’re done reading, or need nourishment to read more, whip up one (or some) of these Dr. Seuss-themed recipes.

Tomato and Cheese “Cat in the Hat” Hats

Tomato and Cheese “Cat in the Hat” Hats


Have your kids been asking you for a dog? Have you been considering getting them one even though you know you may be the one who ends up taking care of said dog? Chris Jordan, over on Alpha Mom, used to be someone who never wanted a dog. That is, until her children finally convinced her. She found out that having a dog really is great and wrote “12 Reason Why Your Family Should Get a Dog.”

1: When you drop food on the floor, they will eat it. Under my table has never look so good, I just wish I had a dog back when my kids were still babies and throwing food on the floor. They also like to eat the random scraps of food left behind.

2: They force you to exercise. Dogs like to go for walks. It gives you the perfect excuse to roam the neighborhood at night and look through your neighbor’s windows. And I mean that in a completely non-creepy way.

3: They are always happy to see you. Our dog gets so excited when everyone single one of us comes home.

P.S. I also think you should get a dog. I promise I’ll come over and play with it and take it for long walks :D

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