Weekly Web Round-Up: Week of March 22, 2013

It’s the weekend! Time to enjoy two fun-filled days with your families. But before you have too much fun, read this weeks round-up. We’ve included dinosaurs(!), the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Sydney Symphony, and “adult” dining experiences in our web round-up.

People name stars after loved ones all the time, which is cool. But you know what is even cooler, in my opinion? Having a dinosaur named after you. Nine-year-old Daisy Morris of the Isle of Wright in England discovered the fossil of a new species of dinosaur, and “A scientific paper stated the newly discovered species of pterosaur would be called Vectidraco daisymorrisae. Fossil expert Martin Simpson said this was an example of how ‘major discoveries can be made by amateurs’.”

Daisy Morris, 9, of Isle of Wright in England

Daisy Morris, 9, of Isle of Wright in England

A rendering of the Vectidraco daisymorrisae

A rendering of the Vectidraco daisymorrisae


According to a New York Times health article, the American Academy of Pediatrics announced its support of same-sex marriage stating that “If a child has 2 living and capable parents who choose to create a permanent bond by way of civil marriage, it is in the best interests of their child(ren) that legal and social institutions allow and support them to do so, irrespective of their sexual orientation.”


The Sydney Symphony held a contest on its Facebook page to have fans re-write the lyrics to the intro of Carmina Burana. Watch the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs perform the winning entry, “An Ode to Sleep.”


Do your kids still eat off  plastic dishes with kiddie utensils and drink out of plastic sippy cups? One mom of three decided to follow the Montessori approach to eating and put all the plastic tableware away and have her kids use “adult” dishes.

That’s why I decided to pack up the plastic dishes this week. The new ones are glass (gulp), porcelain (double gulp) and metal (actually, no gulp). They’re designed to teach little kids good eating habits, without exposing them to chemicals along the way.

Do you think you’ll start setting your children’s places at the table, or having them set their own places, with glass, porcelain, and metal tableware?

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